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Our Mission

We are passionate about developing apps that make our users smarter

Our Story

Our owner and CEO, Martin Poulsen is a true entrepreneur and innovator. Only 24 years old, he started his career as an entrepreneur in the IT industry. The year was 1991 and his passion in new technology and entrepreneurship became the start of a growth company that won great success. The company developed into Northern Europe's leading reseller of the world leading 3D design software, SolidWorks. Martin made an exit after 20 years and is today financially independent.

The digital revolution that is taking place in the world opens up many business opportunities. At Elitappar, we have chosen to focus on app development for Apple's world. It is inspiring that the owner's children get involved in the business. We look at the development of the business in the long term.

Our vision is to be appreciated by millions of users worldwide

Our Vision

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